Once you are logged in, the site will offer you different animal groups to choose from that will help you whittle down your search. Each category has further keyword options to choose from which will again minimize your search time and help you to find the right images. You can be as vague or specific in your search as you want to be. The arrows underneath the thumbnails allow you to scroll quickly and easily through sections and simply click an image to view it at a larger scale. The initial interface also includes quick search buttons for the more popular searches.

If you are searching for a number of images, a lightbox can help you organise the images you are interested in. This facility allows you to view all images chosen and add or delete as required. Simply select the tick icon at the bottom of each image to add to lightbox. The 'lightbox' button on the page will take you to your selections where you can view your images, delete any by selecting the dustbin icon if necessary, and send once finalised.

Once we have received your email request, someone from our studio will be in contact to discuss costs, usage and image details. As a small, dedicated Animal Library, we will always try to be as flexible as possible and work within your budget. Rather than stick to a rigid price scale we instead tailor quotes based on usage and length of time images will be used. Discounts can be arranged for larger quantities of images.

All images on our Animal Library site are supplied to image buyers as Rights Managed images. This gives the buyer the opportunity to buy the rights to images and in turn gives them more exclusivity, so the image is less likely to be duplicated elsewhere in the industry. We also offer complete exclusivity for images if needed and once again prices will be based on usage and type of exclusivity needed. No usage supplied includes an assignment of copyright.

Payment can be made via our PayPal account and images will be released once payment has been received. If you are already an existing client our normal terms of 30 days from receipt of invoice will apply. Each image will be supplied as a high quality TIFF file uploaded to our FTP site where it can be downloaded, although additional retouching on images can be arranged via the studio.

Still struggling to find just the right image? For images that you are finding hard to find, Steve is happy to work to commission. If you would like further information about images, commissions or print sales please contact the studio on +44 (0)208 740 1115.

For print sales information please visit the Steve Hoskins Photography Ltd. site at www.stevehoskins.co.uk

© All images are copyright Steve Hoskins Photography Ltd.

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